Cleaning Granite Countertops

Homeowners who use the granite countertops are enjoying how durable and easy maintain it is. From all of the stone, granite is the most durable one after the diamonds. Granite is created from molten rock and can withstand the heat from a hot pot without trivet. Granite is also excellent for handling dough and confectionery cause of the hardness of its surface.

Cleaning Granite Countertops.png

If the countertops granite installed properly, the will last a lifetime. No wonder the price is high for the materials and installation. When you use granite, don’t forget to ask the supplier about how to maintain each slab. Since it’s made from several minerals, so each slab require different kinds of attention. Proper care and maintain will ensure the longevity and keep the beauty of granite. In addition, it is possible to get a “honed” or flat finish for the polished finish granite. Hones finished granite is not recommend for the kitchen use. Everyday use will lead a polish to some areas. The polished finish is the easiest one to maintain with a proper cleaning and the use of sealers for preventing stains.

Caring for a polished finish can be done by giving attention to what you place on its surface. The granite itself can withstand almost everything, but not with the polished surface. Even the spill from soup might remove that. Don’t use the granite as cutting surface. Avoid acidic food such as lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks to be left on the surface for any amount of time, cause they can etch the surface. Harsh products or abrasive cleansers can also remove the polished shine, so it’s better to use only a small amount of warm water with a ph balanced dish-washing liquid.

Granite itself is very hard, but other minerals in it might be soft, so it’s understandable granite easy to scratch, be chipped or break along the grain. Avoid dragging pots, pans or appliances across the stone to protect the surface.Apply the a penetrating sealant at least once per year to keep the finish gleaming. Don’t use sealer that will not penetrate the stone, as it will create a cloudy surface that will have to be removed by stripping the entire countertops, using harsh solvents. If there’s a damage to your granite countertops, find the right solution and do it by yourself. Like if a pot or pan leaves a grey or black mark on the surface, then use fine steel wool to polish out. Granite is very beautiful stone that add not only color but also warmth to your kitchen, so keep a good maintain to keep it last in your kitchen.


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